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Health Sciences Charter School

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Community Share Event 4/21 (CLICK HERE)

Join us Saturday April 21st for a day of sharing. The HSCS
Gymnasium will be set up to look like a large scale garage sale.
All donated items are FREE to those who wish to take
them and give them a new home and a new purpose.
Information tables will be set up to share the latest information
in regards to HSCS happenings (enrollment,
sports, clubs, Buffalo Urban League and more).
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Wednesday, 4/11: Today's 2:45pm Group Tour Special Area of Focus: ATHLETICS!

Join us all week for group tours at 2:45pm daily.

Led by Student Ambassadors, prospective students and families can get a feel for everything the Health Sciences Charter School has to offer! Today's group tour will have a special area of focus: ATHLETICS! Learn about our new Varsity Football Team, successful Basketball Team, Athletic Study Table, and much more!

No need to RSVP. See you at 2:45pm at 1140 Ellicott St!
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Prospective Students/Families: Group Tours April 10th - 13th @ 2:45! (CLICK HERE)

If you are considering making the Health Sciences Charter School your home, join us for one of the following group tours after break:

Tuesday, April 10th @ 2:45pm
Area of Focus: Athletics

Wednesday, April 11th @ 2:45pm
Area of Focus: Art

Thursday, April 12th @ 2:45pm
Area of Focus: Buffalo Urban League/After School Programming

Friday, April 13th @ 2:45pm
Area of Focus: Young Doctors' Club/Health Sciences Internships

And don't forget...APPLY TODAY!
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Community Share Event Saturday, 4/21!

We will be holding a Community Share Event on Saturday April 21st from 11am until 1:00pm. The event will be open to the Health Sciences Charter School students, family, and friends. If people see items they want, they take them and give them new uses and new homes.

Stay tuned for more details!
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Get Involved with the Buffalo AIDS Walk!

Hello Parents/Guardians!

Each year, Health Sciences Charter School has participated in the Buffalo AIDS Walk. This event happens in May of every year and benefits Evergreen Health Services and their ongoing support for people living with HIV and AIDS. This yeah, the walk is on May 5th.

As a Health Sciences based school, we take this as an opportunity to learn about the medical and cultural aspects of HIV and AIDS. While it is a fundraiser, we do not ask that youth fundraise unless they want to – instead, our focus is on education and exposure to community resources. Walking in the event is absolutely free and also great exercise!

This year, we’d like to open the opportunity for anyone in the Health Sciences community to walk. This way, the whole family can join in. The walk usually lasts about an hour and then, afterwards, there are free food and refreshments along with an awards ceremony. More information is available at aidswalkbuffalo.org Health Sciences has won an award the past two years – personally, I’m hoping we can win another one this year!

To sign up, please visit our team page: http://events.evergreenhs.org/site/TR/Events/General?team_id=1012&pg=team&fr_id=1040

Our password is : TheHealth

You can sign up to walk or you can donate to a student. We encourage people to donate to individual students because, for example, if someone raises $50, they receive a free t-shirt as well.

Students can sign up with parent/guardian permission, but a parent/guardian does not have to attend. The event route is posted on the website and while faculty/staff will be present, participants must find their own transportation to and from the event.
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Work Based Learning March 2018 Update

Mrs. Morgante, Career Coordinator, and students/partners have been busy this past month! Check out all the cool things that took place in March:

* We celebrated the news that Joyeuse Ingabire was accepted in the prestigious Roswell Summer Research Program where she will work side-by-side with a cancer research doctor.

* 7 students attended a mini MASH camp at ECC where they toured labs, and met with students and professors in the Dental and Vision Health programs.

* 30 students participated in the Science Exploration Day at UB's North Campus where they"tuned" into science and were exposed to careers in mathematics, science, engineering, and the medical fields.

*Many students embellished their learning when they welcomed guests who discussed "oral health"; "viruses", and "bacteria" and the importance they play in our well-being.

*At the end of the month we will welcome students from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology when they will discuss their studies and career interests with students.

Get involved!
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