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Guidance » Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements 

New York State Graduation Requirement Video



Subject Area


Required credits & specific courses


NYS Exam requirements for Regents Diploma


NYS Exam requirements for Advanced Regents Diploma


4 credits

English Language Arts (Common Core)

English Language Arts (Common Core)

Social Studies

4 credits

Global History I (9)

Global History II (10)

US History & Govt. (11)

Participation in Govt. (12)

Economics (12)

Global History


US History& Government

Global History


US History


3 credits

Algebra C/C or Geometry C/C or Alg 2 C/C

Algebra AND GeometryAND Alg 2 C/C


3 credits

One Regents Science

One Science Regents


One other Regents Science

Language other than English


1 credit



Advanced Regents diploma = 3 credits*

The Arts

1 credit




½ credit



Physical Eduation

2 credits




3.5 credits







22 credits total required to graduate

& 100 hours of community service

 Minimum passing score on Regents exam is 65


Minimum passing course average is 65

To earn either a Regents or Advanced Regents diploma with Honors designation, a student must achieve an average of 90% on the Regents exams required for the diploma


*ALTERNATIVE SEQUENCE – Students pursuing an Advanced Regents diploma may choose to complete 1 credit of Foreign Language and a 5 credit sequence in one of these areas [Art, Music, Business, Technology, or Career & Technical Education (BOCES)] as an alternative to the Foreign Language requirement of 3 credits.