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Health Sciences Charter School

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Why Health Sciences?  


"The students I teach have such diverse backgrounds. On one end of the spectrum I have students who come to school on time, fed, with clean clothes, with their homework completed, and a smile on their face every single day. On the other end of the spectrum I have students who take two busses and a train to school and are still late, come to school hungry, without a clean clothes, and with incomplete homework because no one was available to help at home, but they still have a smile on their face. Students walk into the building from so many different places, but they all want to be here and succeed." - Sarah Banas, Spanish Teacher


"I think Health Sciences has one of the most dedicated groups of teachers I have ever seen. Teachers come early, stay late, and make extraordinary efforts to help students achieve success. Also, the willingness to build relationships between teacher and student is something special. Once students trust and feel connected to their teachers, the classroom dynamic becomes rich and rewarding." -Deanna Mariani, Art Teacher


"I love the collaboration among Health Sciences employees! Everyone here really cares about the students, how they are doing and what they are learning." - Margaret Dicks, ABLE Volunteer


"My favorite memory of my experience so far at Health Sciences is last year's annual Student vs. Staff Basketball Game when I scored my first 3 point shot ever in my life! My other favorite memory was last year's graduation ceremony - I was so thrilled to be a part of such an incredible celebration of learning!" - Alicia Monaco, English Teacher


"I came to Health Sciences because of how passionate, supportive, and dedicated all of the faculty, staff, and administration was. The atmosphere is safe and warm, and the focus on the future of our students was very clear." - Holly Smith, Health Teacher


"My favorite memory would have to be when we took 21 students to Puerto Rico. Planning and executing a trip like that, where I was able to open my students eyes to a whole new world and culture, was the main reason that I wanted to become a teacher. On our last night, we had a delicious traditional dinner at a restaurant that was on top of a cliff overlooking the bay. I remember seeing a student leave his seat and go sit by himself, staring out at the water. Later that evening he told me that during his moment of private reflection he realized how fortunate he was to be able to go on this trip and that he wants to continue to travel in the future. That is the reason I became a teacher." - Chris Banas, Spanish Teacher