Job Opportunities

Job: Director of Community and Health Equity
Reports to: Head of Schools
Status- 12 month- Exempt


 The Director of Community and Health Equity will be expected to work closely with the Head of School and administration  to plan, organize, implement and oversee career related and work-based learning activities for grades 9 – 12.  They will utilize ongoing relationships with our founding partners to address the multitude of health disparities facing our students and their families on a daily basis.  The Director will work with the Board of Trustees, school staff, students and parents to identify specific health needs, support/develop partnerships, and facilitate the delivery of services that address the social determinants of health and advance health equity.  This staff member will work closely with the school’s Leadership Team to ensure there is a consistent and clear message of Health Sciences’ mission and vision of health equity and will be a visible presence for the staff, students and families in the school building and also throughout the community.


Career Guidance and Exploration 

  • Work cooperatively with guidance, teachers and principal to ensure that students’ progress through their grade 9 – 12 career plans with a rich array of awareness, exposure and preparation activities as it relates to Work-Based Learning (WBL)
  • Establish and organize internal and external WBL activities such as MASH camps; Guest Speakers; Field Trips; Job Shadowing; etc.
  • Assist Certified Business Instructor/ Internship Coordinator with specific contributions in career interest exploration and identification as it relates to Internship placements
  • Provide focused career interest and development opportunities – at all grade levels - utilizing various assessments and activities to enhance students’ understanding of careers through depth of experience.
  • Enable career exploration through breadth of exposure through focused WBL activities
  • Develop new and strengthen existing business partnerships to ensure the continuation of viable options for WBL activities.
  • Participate in internal and external activities for the enhancement of the WBL program and connections into the community (ie) BNMC Rotary International
  • Work collaboratively with the current President of the WBL Advisory Committee to strengthen and continually develop the involvement and contributions of committee members
  • In conjunction with the Principal, identify, develop, and work in collaboration with outside institutions to implement certificate programs
  • Collect data to analyze activity and impact of WBL program and value-added



Work closely with staff to identify needs of students and families based on Social Determinants of Health

  • Establish protocol to identify student needs with Student Support Team 
  • Work with Leadership Team to determine data to be gathered and method of collection
  • Identify gaps in service based on immediate student needs 
  • Conduct a school-wide health survey



Work closely with Board of Trustees and administration to maintain and develop new collaborative relationships 

  • Clearly define the role of each BOT member organization in the Health Equity Program
  • Develop MOUs with ongoing partners
  • Identify new potential relationships based on student and family needs
  • Identify potential partnership use of, and contributions to, the development of 1291 Main St.


Facilitate the delivery of services and programming that address the social determinants of health and advance health equity

  • Work closely with the CHCB, Gateway Longview, and other healthcare partners to link students and families to services such as primary care, mental health counseling, dental, optical
  • Medicaid and insurance assistance, coordination of benefits with SNAP, WIC, ECDSS, etc.
  • Support UB Community Health Equity Research Institute and Buffalo Center for Health Equity activities 
  • Support infusion of health equity curriculum into PE, Health, Sciences, and eventually all courses
  • Work with WBL staff to support one-on-one experiences with healthcare professionals during Lunch-n-Learn, mentoring, guest speakers
  • Support development of nutrition programs that improves the quality of school meals, supports nutrition education during and after school, programming for athletes, community participation, etc. 
  • Increase and facilitate parent engagement both in the school and in shared decision making
  • Coordinate and maintain a calendar of events and programs that occur after school and on the weekends


Required skills include:

Ø  Prior work experience in business and industry

Ø  Experience in working with urban high school aged students

Ø  Proven skills in project management, career interest identification, time management

Ø  Sound skills in the area of interpersonal communications 

Ø  Proven ability to communicate with students, educators, and business and industry professionals

Previous experience and credentials may include (Preferred but not required):

Ø  Related experience in Business, Marketing or Career and Technical Education

Ø  Certification as a Coordinator of Work-Based Learning Programs for Career Development Extension preferred

Ø  Experiences in working collaborative with high school aged youth in work-based learning placements

*The above job description is not a contractual or binding document; it is provided as a guide to the types of duties required to be undertaken.  Duties may vary from time to time and this description is subject to review.  Modifications will be made as needed to support changes in the business climate and requirements.

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Job title –Per Diem Substitute 

Reports to - Principal, Assistant Principals

Status - Per Diem

Position Summary: A Bachelor's Degree in Education, or in a relevant subject area is required. Prior substitute teaching experience is preferred. The Substitute Teacher provides student services to those students enrolled at Health Sciences Charter School on an as needed basis; ensuring the effective completion of the existing curriculum they are responsible for through lectures, discussions, class activities, demonstrations and other creative forms of education while establishing and enforcing rules for maintaining order throughout the educational process. The teacher will work collectively in a Professional Learning Community (PLC). 

1. Will bring a diverse perspective when working with students, parents, colleagues, and PLC members. 
2. Ability to work professionally in an urban youth learning environment. 
3. Instruct students effectively through lectures, discussions, class activities, demonstrations and other creative forms of education of the curriculum their courses require and maintain a balance of these different educational strategies. 
4. Establish and enforce rules of classroom conduct throughout the educational process. Enforce all administrative policies and rules governing the students. 
5. Other duties as assigned and requested.



-  Bachelor's Degree


Must be able to frequently:
-  Repeat the same motions
-  Sit for long periods of time.
-  Able to communicate verbally.

Moderate to occasional:
-  Lifting (1-10 pounds), walking. 

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